21st June 20031. meeting of Junior Rangers from all over Germany based on an idea by Josef Erhard and ranger Mario Schmid. Since then the meeting has been carried out annually in varying protected areas of Germany.
October 20031. German-Czech Junior Ranger meeting in Bucina
6th August – 11th August 20053. International Junior Ranger Camp carried out by the Europarc Federation in the Falkenstein Wilderness Camp
10th August 2005German-Czech Junior Ranger Festival in Bucina
4th August 2006The former First Minister of Bavaria Edmund Stoiber and his wife Karin honor the 1000 Junior Ranger during the opening ceremony of the Haus zur Wildnis (Wilderness House).
16. Juli 2007Bundesumweltminister Gabriel bei Junior Ranger im Wildniscamp.
27th June 2008Josef Erhard presents the Junior Ranger project to the WWF in Hamburg
5th July 2008The German secretary of state for environment Dr. Marcel Huber visits the Junior Rangers for their 10th anniversary in the Falkenstein Wilderness Camp and becomes their patron.6th meeting of Junior Ranger from all over Germany. Europarc enters into the Junior Ranger project.
9th September 2009Junior Ranger Kristin Biebl from Frauenau holds a speech during the 100th anniversary of the European National Parks in Sweden
6th November 2010German secretary of state for environment Melanie Huml becomes the patron.
6th September 2012The German secretary of state for the Environment Dr. Marcel Huber honors the 2000th Junior Ranger (Teresa Mühlbauer from Rabenstein) during the final celebration at the Haus zur Wildnis.
July 2013The 12th international Junior Ranger Camp takes place at the Falkenstein Wilderness Camp. It is also awarded as the best Junior Ranger Camp during the Youth Conference in Debrecin / Hungary.


5th December 2013|The Junior Ranger project is awarded with the “Bürgerkulturpreis” (award for outstanding civil commitment) in the Bavarian Parliament the Maximilianeum handed over by the president of the Bavarian Parliament Barbara Stamm.

Cross-border activities with Junior Rangers from the Sumava National Park

2005: Jointly held camps on the Bavarian and Czech side (Wilderness Camp and Stozec)
2006: Jointly held camps on the Bavarian and Czech side (Schwellhäusl and Kvilda)
2007: Junior Rangers from the Bavarian Forest National Park and the Sumava National Park jointly build a hut in the Falkenstein Wilderness Camp
2007: Junior Ranger Workshop in Cesky Krumlov
2008: Jointly held camps on the Bavarian and Czech side (Wilderness Camp and Stozec)
2010: Junior Rangers meet on the Polednik mountain in the Sumava National Park

More Highlights

15.8. – 19.8.2006Presentation of the JR project for the Baltic and Nordic countries in the Gauja National Park / Latvia by Josef Erhard
25.4. – 26.4.2008Excursion of the JR association in the National Gesäuse / Austria
14.6.-16.6.2010Excursion to Friuli in the Parco Prealpi Giulie / Italy
3.7.2010Junior Ranger rock concert in the Wilderness Camp at Falkenstein
2.7. - 9.7.2011Junior Rangers from the Cairngorms National Park / Scotland visit the National Park Bavarian Forest
7.11 –12.11.2011Junior Ranger seminar in Denmark
4.8. – 11.8.2012Excursion to the Cairngorms National Park / Scotland with junior rangers from the local group Lindberg under the direction of Ranger Mario Schmid
Juni-August 2012For the first time experienced Junior Rangers can be used as new managers to support the Ranger. Program: Junior Ranger guide children

Persons in charge of management and organization of the Junior Ranger project

1998 – 2000 Hans Höflinger
2001 – 2012 Josef Erhard
2013 - Michael Großmann