Europarc Germany

1973: Founded under the name “Föderation der Natur- und Nationalparke” (FNNPE= Federation of Nature Parks and National Parks).
1991: The FNNPE becomes Europarc Germany based in Berlin. Europarc Germany is the umbrella organization of all national parks, nature parks and UNESCO biosphere reserves.
2005: All German “Großschutzgebiete” (large protected areas) are promoted under the term “Nationale Naturlandschaften” (National Natural Landscapes).
2008: Start of the Junior Ranger program. To this date over 40 protected areas in Germany participate in it.


The Junior Ranger program is based on four pillars:

  • Junior Ranger region: For children who live in the periphery of a protected area and have been participating in the respective Junior Ranger program for a longer period.
  • Junior Rangers on a discovery tour: Children and their parents can explore a protected area on their own with the help of a “discoverer`s book”.
  • Junior Ranger online: An online learning platform for children who live in a city and have not access to a protected area. It features games suitable for children on the subject of Junior Rangers and rangers
  • Junior Ranger and schools: Children learn in school about the Junior Ranger program. (At the moment this pillar is not pursued further)

The first nationwide Junior Ranger Camp was carried out in 2003 by the Bavarian Forest National Park. Since 2009 Europarc Germany has been coordinating the Camp which is carried out annually in another protected area in Germany.


Person in charge: Jan Wildefeld

Nationwide Junior Ranger Camps

2003 Bavarian Forest National Park
2004 Harz National Park
2005 Niederlausitz Nature Reserve
2006 Drömling Nature Reserve
2007 Rhön Biosphere Reserve
2008 Bavarian Forest National Park
2009 Harz National Park
2010 Müritz National Park
2011 Wattenmeer National Park
2012 Hainich National Park
2013 Schlaubetal Nature Reserve